CLC Criminal Justice Consulting

Consultant, Commentator,
Lecturer & Author


  • Law enforcement issues
  • Criminal justice strategies
  • Crime trends
  • Terrorism & homeland security
  • Individual rights & public safety
  • Imprisonment misconduct
  • Use of force & deviant behavior
  • Drugs & gangs
  • Police corruption
  • Minority relations
  • Riot & crowd control
  • Community-oriented policing
  • Ethics & values
  • Management practices
  • Selection of chiefs/hiring practices
  • White collar/computer crime
  • Private policing
  • Biochemistry, nutrition, hereditary factors & crime
  • Criminal justice research
  • Other issues impacting criminal justice
  • Officer through Deputy Chief: LAPD
  • Chief of Police: Santa Ana, California
  • Chief of Security: Columbia Finance, Beverly Hills
  • Director: Center for Justice, University of Southern California (USC)
  • Professor & former Chair: School of Law Enforcement & Justice Administration, Western Illinois University (WIU)
  • Keynote speaker, lecturer & consultant to public/private agencies (domestic & international)
  • Expert opinion & testimony for media, court cases, and film making
  • Doctorate in Public Administration from University of Southern California (USC)
  • Author of several textbooks and more than 40 articles on criminal justice issues

Latest Publications by Cronkhite

Criminal Justice Administration: Strategies for the 21st Century

These textbooks provide comprehensive examinations of prevailing criminal justice organizations present in law enforcement, courts and correctional systems. Using a realistic, field-based approach that combines theory with application, these publications explore the operations, issues, and practices that administrators face today and in the future. Throughout these textbooks, the Contextual Themes Model (Organization, Employee Relations, Open Systems, Social Equity, Client-oriented Service) of criminal justice administration is provided to aid readers in connecting the concepts of administration to key terms, theories, and ultimately to the application of these concepts.

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